We work in partnership with leading suppliers all over the world and offer an extensive range of machines for the lift truck industry. We work with  MAFI, TCM, Seacom, Logister, Kamag, Ljungby Maskin and Hubtex (the product range may differ slightly between the countries).

material handling


TCM was established in 1949 and produced Japan’s first forklift in the same year. TCM has been an industrial pioneer and a leader in the logistics industry in Japan since 1949.  TCM products have an excellent reputation among their users for maneuverability and reliability. Rather than stand-alone equipment, TCM is committed to taking a comprehensive, systematic approach to rationalized material handling, producing integrated logistics systems.


highest flexibility and functionality


HUBTEX has taken a leading position in the materials handling equipment and logistics market for many years. Core business of the company is the manufacture of customized industrial trucks, side loaders and special equipment for handling difficult and bulky goods. In manufacturing and distribution the world over our machines are designed to facilitate the efficient material flow and  turnover of goods, even in very narrow aisles. The trucks are tailor-made to exactly match the end users specific needs and characterized by their longevity and funcionality. Their concepts are characterized by highest flexibility and functionality, as the case may be.


diesel tractors


MAFI diesel tractors are used all over the world for shunting containers and semi-trailers and for loading and unloading of RoRo-ships. The portfolio is complemented by goosenecks, cargo- and rolltrailers, container chassis as well as industrial and heavy-duty trailers. MAFI products meet highest technological standards and rules. Quality and sustainability have top priority.

Worldwide leading transport technology


Special vehicles from KAMAG stand for state-of-the-art technology and special product quality around the world. Reliability in daily operations, high load-bearing capacity and a long service life make the vehicles an important element of modern logistical processes. In a wide range of areas such as smelting works and steel mills, shipyards and off-shore technology, transport vehicles and systems from KAMAG are in daily use.


industrial and maritime transport


SEACOM represents 40 years of experience in all areas of industrial and maritime transport. Their range of products comprises vehicles especially designed to meet the requirements of internal logistics and port operations as well as heavy-duty transport. During the manufacturing process only the latest technologies are employed. Manufacture takes place in our own production plant carried out by highly qualified technicians following the highest standards of quality.



world premiere at brubakken


New truck brand in the Swedish and Norwegian markets. Theres trucks are made in Småland, Sweden and is an electric forklift with a capacity between six and nine tonnes. Merlinum design and manufacture everything themselves and cooperate with local suppliers. The machines are built with a focus on driver comfort, ergonomics and performance.


Merlinum Forklift