Date: 23 March, 2020
Category: Nyheter

Dear customers,

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has made a big impact in everyday life for both private individuals and companies throughout Norway, Sweden and Estonia. The challenges and measures are becoming increasingly extensive. At Brubakken, we prioritize the health of both our own and our customers’ employees and will do everything we can to ensure we can carry out our work so that your operations can continue as normally as possible.

Take care of your health
We will have normal operation as far as possible but with the restrictions imposed by the Public Health Authority, or other authorities. We have introduced restrictions and procedures to avoid the spread of the virus and have introduced a rule to keep at least two meters away from each other. This applies internally and in contact with customers and their employees. In addition, we carefully follow all the advice and requirements set by the Public Health Authority and have also taken local measures.
Our policy and procedures on this are constantly updated in line with the dissemination and the recommendations of the authorities.

What does Brubakken do to ensure normal operation
We believe it is possible to protect the interests of you and our employees while providing parts and services to ensure normal operation of machines and equipment for you as a customer. This requires that we have an open and good dialogue and that both parties ensure that goods and services can be delivered responsibly.

To achieve this together, we ensure that:

  • Follow the guidelines of the Public Health Authority
  • Introduced extra hygiene measures and has good information on this
  • Arrange for deliveries of parts/service to your equipment we can take place without our technicians having direct contact with your employees.

When we do work on your machines, we will always wear gloves and, as far as possible, disinfect with alcohol on everything we are in contact with, both before and after the work has been completed.

Reporting and information
We have a common interest and responsibility for this to work for a demanding period. We therefore hope for an open and good dialogue on the practical daily work. In the event of infection, quarantine or other deviations, both parties have an obligation to provide information to protect both their own interests and the joint activities.

If your company has special requirements or wishes in addition to what we have described, please inform us.

We make every effort to work our way through this with you!


Anders Henni

Cutting-edge 100% Electric lift vehicle

Date: 4 April, 2019
Category: Nyheter

VERSALIFT pushes the technological limits with the new 100% electric lift vehicle

VERSALIFT proudly announce the development of an exciting 100% electric lift with a VTL 120 mounted on the electric Renault Master, which has demonstrated impressive results on vital criteria. The vehicle will have an impressive range of 100 km. even loaded to its maximum capacity (mixed driving). Furthermore, the unit has a payload of 185 kg. including driver and passenger.


The innovative mindset at VERSALIFT is fundamental to achieve such impressive results. Furthermore, considerations regarding the social implications of an eco-friendly alternative were paramount, thus providing lift vehicles for the future.

The new 100% electric lift vehicle mounted with a VTL 120 mounted on the Renault Master, is for the first time revealed live at BAUMA 2019 in Munich. The full electric vehicle will also be available with the lift models VTL-135-FZ and VDTL-140.

The 100% electric lift is powered by a Lithium-ion battery and is available with either the small (2,5 kWh) or the big (5 kWh) Power-Pack. Battery tests exceeded customer request of 10 working cycles with an impressive 20-30 cycles on the small battery and 40-60 cycles on the larger battery, as a single working cycle lasts merely 75-95 seconds. Extended battery lifetime is essential to increase effectivity, as work is continued without delays. Furthermore, one minute of lift usage consumes 1% power capacity, as the control system and flash consume 10% power capacity, there’s 90% capacity available for working with the lift. Therefore, the maximum lift working time amounts to 90 minutes for the large Power-Pack.

The 100% electric lift vehicle is easy to charge, and the large 5 kWh Power-Pack is charged 80% within merely 3,5 hours (with a 230 V socket). Other critical features include an info display for the Power- Pack and is situated on the pedestal. Moreover, a display is installed at the bucket to warn about low battery levels.

The range of 100 km. for the Renault Master provides transport flexibility during work. There are multiple benefits associated with employing the 100% electric lift vehicle, such as a noticeably reduction in disturbance of the public. Moreover, companies can work in the city during off-peak hours, without public interference and disturbance. Moreover, the possibility of working in closed spaces is feasible due to the emission-free engine, thus extending the possibilities of aerial lifts.

The VERSALIFT 120 mounted on the Renault Master has a working height of 12 meters, a bucketload of 120kg and many other notable features. The VTL-135-FZ has a working height of 13,5 m and the VDTL-140 has a working height of 14 m.

VERSALIFT is the leading manufacturer in the world of aerial lifts and produces more than 4000 lifts each year, this number hastily increases each year, due to the high demand for VERSALIFT products.

Please contact liftmanagers for more information

Peter Claesson, lift manager Sweden, peter.claesson@brubakken.se
Alf Runar Frydenlund, Lift Manager Norway, arf@brubakken.no


Brubakken creates new Business Areas

Date: 26 February, 2019
Category: Nyheter

From January 1, 2019, the Brubakken Group focuses more on business areas and therefore creates two new Divisions; Lifts and Forklifts.
Brubakken are still one company. The new organization enable us to focus properly on each area and we will be able to make quicker and better decisions that benefit our customers and suppliers.
Peter Claesson is responsible for the Operation in Sweden. Peter replaces Göran Janko who has worked as Sales Manager in the business of Lifts for many years. Göran will work with sales and act as mentor until the summer. Furthermore, Göran will be present as a resource in the future and contribute with his solid experience from the lift industry

The Lift Division in Brubakken Group, led by Alf Runar Frydenlund, will cooperate across borders between Sweden, Norway and Estonia with common functions such as purchasing and business development.
We see this as a positive step in development of Brubakken, says Bernt Ausland CEO/CFO Brubakken Group.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Peter Claesson, Country Manager Lift Sweden – Brubakken AB
+46 (0)10-722 30 02 peter.claesson@brubakken.se

Göran Janko, Sales / Mentor Lift Sweden – Brubakken AB
+46 (0)346-71 55 21 goran.janko@brubakken.se

Markus Åberg, CEO – Brubakken AB
+46 (0)10-722 30 23 markus.aberg@brubakken.se

Alf Runar Frydenlund, General Manager Lift – Brubakken AS
+47 905 64 433 alf@brubakken.no

TIME introduces new lightweight Versalift “VTL” series

Date: 27 April, 2018
Category: Nyheter

TIME International is set to introduce a brand new lightweight series of Versalift vehicle-mounted platforms at the Intermat exhibition in Paris on 23 – 28 April.

The new series labelled “VTL” (short for Versalift Telescopic Light) merges the superior shaped boom design of the Versalift VT series with the low weight of the existing Versalift ETL series. The result of this fusion is a brand new, lightweight telescopic platform series for light commercial vans, chassis and pickups available with a standard class B driving licence.


Perfection in performance
The new Versalift VTL features ultra-high strength steel booms in a formed profile for exceptional rigidity providing platform operators with ultra-smooth and stiff working conditions in the bucket.
Compared with the existing lightweight Versalift ETL, the new all-steel turret of the VTL is both notably bigger and more rigid which in turn both increases the lengths of the booms and improves the overturning moment of the entire platform. These improvements are crucial factors resulting in a significant improvement in both working height and lateral outreach.
Structurally, the VTL is remarkably strong despite its low weight supporting a bucket capacity of up to 265 kg (although a 265 kg bucket capacity only is offered on vans and trucks with a GVW of at least 5 t for reasons of stability).

Compatible with existing Versalift installations
The Versalift VTL is compatible with existing Versalift ETL and ETM vehicle installations from the roof and downwards as it uses many of the same mounting components. Due to the high degree of compatibility, the VTL is already available in a range of sizes and configurations for several popular commercial vans, chassis and pickups including the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Renault Master, Ford Transit, Iveco Daily and Ford Ranger.

Clean, lightweight design
The new Versalift VTL is made to stay on the road. It is designed and manufactured in Europe and all booms are given a thorough powder coating in full compliance with the C3 ISO standard to withstand the often harsh changing seasons in Europe.
Both the booms and the turret feature a clean design with no exposed components or plastic covers for low life-cycle costs and easy maintenance.
Despite all the innovations, the new Versalift VTL series does not compromise the crucial leftover payload as it actually weighs slightly less than a similar Versalift ETL installation and significantly less than a similar Versalift ETM installation.


For more information please contakt Göran Janko, Brubakken tel +46 346 71 55 21 or goran.janko@brubakken.se

Brubakken and Systemtruckar collaborates

Date: 1 February, 2018
Category: Nyheter

Brubakken AB and Systemtruckar in Örebro AB, which have many common customers, now announce that the companies will collabortate. This means that they can offer customers even greater flexibility business and cost effective solutions.

   Systemtruckar i Örebro     Brubakkens stora produktportfölj

Brubakken, one of the largest and most flexible machinepartners in the Nordic countries. They have invested heavily in material handling and has gained significant market shares in the medium and heavy truck segment of sawmills, industries, ports and terminals.
Brubakken AB and Systemtruckar in Örebro AB, which has many common customers, are now launching a collaboration that offers greater opportunities for both to meet customer needs through a wide range of products, offering effective overall solutions and high service presence in Mälardalen, one of Sweden’s most important areas in the industry.

Brubakken has the market’s most comprehensive product portfolio. Aerialplatforms and material handling, forklifts up to 65 tons, reachstackers, terminal tractors, wheel loaders, transport vehicles systems and other transport solutions. Systemtruckar in Örebro have a solid rental fleet with over 100 new and used machines in stock. All ready for rental and sale. In new, large-purpose premises strategically located at the southern entrance to Örebro. They have a great starting point for service to many customers throughout middle of Sweden. The location in Örebro is also a very good starting point for all logistics in Sweden, which both companies can benefit from.

better opportunities

Brubakkens CEO Markus Åberg and Systemtruckar CEO Carolina Brindeberg are united – This collaboration will provide our customers with even better opportunities for effective overall solutions, high service presence and access to the best products in the market. “It’s completely in line with our vision, we want to be a natural first choice, and the goal is to make everyday life simple and efficient for our customers,” says Markus Åberg.

For more information contact:
Markus Åberg, CEO Brubakken, 010-722 30 23 markus.aberg@brubakken.se
Carolina Brindeberg, CEO System Trucks in Örebro AB, 019-20 74 72 carolina.brindeberg@systemtruckar.se

Brubakken AS appointed as new CASE importer

Date: 16 November, 2017
Category: Nyheter

CNH Industrial and Brubakken AS have agreed and signed a contract for CASE Construction Equipment. Brubakken will be the importer, Sales and Service provider, for the full product range of CASE Construction Equipment in Southern and Central Norway.

There is already a large population of CASE and CNH Industrial construction machines operating in Southern and Central Norway, and Brubakken is ready to take over the service of these machines.

The programme from CASE Construction Equipment extends from light equipment to the heaviest, including dozers, excavators and the recently-launched G Series wheel loaders. An extensive range, which offers machines for almost every job in every industry.

“Our mission is built on strong brands and excellent service. We are excited about the new appointment and we have great expectations for CASE now that it has been added to our product portfolio”, says Magnus Terje Vold, CEO of Brubakken AS. “

CASE has a long brand history and impressive sales worldwide. In Norway CASE machines are well known for their reliability and a strong performance and we look forward to serving both new and existing CASE customers.

TCM presents four new models

Date: 21 June, 2017
Category: Nyheter

TCM presents  four new models of (compact) pallettrucks.
These are specially adpated for cargo loading / unloading but also work very well in narrow areas.
Eletronics and motors are well protected, so they are suited for tough operations conditions.

PAL-F 160 order picker , capacity 1 600 kg
PAL-F 180 order picker, capacity 1 800 kg
PAL-F 200 order picker, capacity 2 000 kg
PAL-E 200 double pallet, capacity 2 000 kg

For more information, please contact  our sales manager Arne Jørgensen, tel +47 974 28 855, arne.jorgensen@brubakken.no

Power Tower – JLG’s new low-level access series

Date: 19 May, 2017
Category: Nyheter

JLG is introducing the EcoLift line of game-changing, non-powered, environmentally friendly vertical lifts, offering a safe, cost-efficient alternative to ladders and scaffolding. The innovative EcoLift models are virtually maintenance-free, thanks to a patented stored-power lift/lower mechanism that requires no batteries, no power, and no hydraulic oil.

JLG is launching the full line of low-level access lifts globally under the JLG brand name. JLG’s self-propelled and push-around low-level access models are easy to maneuver through job sites and offer a quiet operation that makes them a preferred piece of equipment on construction sites and for industrial applications. All of the new JLG low-level access lifts offer attractive alternatives to ladders and scaffolding, giving workers the ability to use both hands on the job rather than needing to maintain three points of contact.


For more information please contakt our sellers
Jan-Erik Parr, Norway – jan-erik.parr@brubakken.no
Göran Janko,  Sweden – goran.janko@brubakken.se

Konecranes excellence award to Brubakken

Date: 15 May, 2017
Category: Nyheter

Honorable award to Brubakken!

Konecranes had it’s annual trucking convention in Helsinborg last week. Distributors from all over the world  were represented. Brubakken had the honor of receiving one of the awards. In picture you can see Brubakkens sales mangaer Hans Ardstedt and Per-Olof Petersson receiving the price.

Fantastic fine review!

”This price goes to a company that is acting on a large industrial market. Since they joined forces and became our distributor about 5 years ago they have consistently invested in sales, after sales and penetrating the market.  They have taken Konecranes from a relatively anonymous position to one of the biggest supplier of large forklifts and reach stackers in our home market, if not already the biggest. I am very pleased to welcome to the stage for the Special achievement award for new equipment sales 2015 – Brubakken AB from Sweden”

World premiere at Brubakken

Date: 6 October, 2016
Category: Nyheter

Brubakken has a new brand –  Merlinum, an electric forklift with lifting capacity from six to nine tonnes.

The truck, with it’s electric motor is very quiet. Great emphasis has been placed on the driver’s seat, all the information is on a touch screen, which made it possible to lower the instrument panel, which in turn provides better visibility from the cab. The screen can also easily view the company’s business program and the driver has an overview of their tasks.

Driver ergonomics are ensured by adjustable levers that are adapted to the driver, adjustable seat and the first truck in the world that has Merlinum electrically adjustable pedals that allow the ankle for a comfortable angle.

There are many opportunities for storage in the new truck. All cabinets have LED lighs as standard. There is also light in all the cabinets and the cab can be hydraulically tilted so as to facilitate the servicing of machine.
The truck is initially only available for the Swedish and Norwegian markets, but will later be introduced to the German.

Broschure (swedish)

Merlinum_web-1   Merlinum_web-2   Merlinum_web-3   pedaler-web