Date: 23 March, 2020
Category: Nyheter

Dear customers,

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has made a big impact in everyday life for both private individuals and companies throughout Norway, Sweden and Estonia. The challenges and measures are becoming increasingly extensive. At Brubakken, we prioritize the health of both our own and our customers’ employees and will do everything we can to ensure we can carry out our work so that your operations can continue as normally as possible.

Take care of your health
We will have normal operation as far as possible but with the restrictions imposed by the Public Health Authority, or other authorities. We have introduced restrictions and procedures to avoid the spread of the virus and have introduced a rule to keep at least two meters away from each other. This applies internally and in contact with customers and their employees. In addition, we carefully follow all the advice and requirements set by the Public Health Authority and have also taken local measures.
Our policy and procedures on this are constantly updated in line with the dissemination and the recommendations of the authorities.

What does Brubakken do to ensure normal operation
We believe it is possible to protect the interests of you and our employees while providing parts and services to ensure normal operation of machines and equipment for you as a customer. This requires that we have an open and good dialogue and that both parties ensure that goods and services can be delivered responsibly.

To achieve this together, we ensure that:

  • Follow the guidelines of the Public Health Authority
  • Introduced extra hygiene measures and has good information on this
  • Arrange for deliveries of parts/service to your equipment we can take place without our technicians having direct contact with your employees.

When we do work on your machines, we will always wear gloves and, as far as possible, disinfect with alcohol on everything we are in contact with, both before and after the work has been completed.

Reporting and information
We have a common interest and responsibility for this to work for a demanding period. We therefore hope for an open and good dialogue on the practical daily work. In the event of infection, quarantine or other deviations, both parties have an obligation to provide information to protect both their own interests and the joint activities.

If your company has special requirements or wishes in addition to what we have described, please inform us.

We make every effort to work our way through this with you!


Anders Henni